Baton Rouge Family Photography

We had a wonderful time recently with a family of seven. The children ranged in  age from 3 to 9 years old and were the best kids. As you know we have had some of our hottest weather and these kids were troopers.Unangst-003


New CFL Bulbs Harmful to Photographs

With the ever increasing disappearance of the good old tungsten light bulb we are finding that our photographs are becoming more and more susceptible to ultraviolet (UV) light.


Light Fade

UV light is one of the main causes of yellowing and fading in photographs and according to the Northeast Document Conservation Center fluorescent lights give off high amounts of damaging UV light. They are second only to sunlight in the amount off UV rays that are given off.  Quartz lamps and metal halide also give off damaging amounts of UV light but not quite as much as fluorescent light.

With the new Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs becoming so popular more and more of the older framed photographs will begin to show age. Most of the newer photographs are framed with UV coated glass but the older one from our childhoods are not. Since homes mostly had tungsten light bulbs the harmful UV light came from the sun so we just hung our photographs out of direct sun light.  There are several ways to protect older framed photographs. Change out all of the glass to UV coated glass, use a UV spay coating like Krylon UV Resistant Clear Coating Spray or Premier Imaging Products Print Shield or add a plastic shield called Picture Shield in front of the photograph. All of these items can be ordered online or found in hobby and craft stores.


Baton Rouge Photography Classes

New and exciting events happening at the Image by Sharon Turner Photography Studio.

Courtney-179 Underwater Model Shoot Aug. 4 from 11:00 am- 3:00 pm and Photoshop Enhancing Class Aug. 7 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm.

Come join us for some fun in the pool and a chance to create some awesome images. We will have at least 2 models, 1 female and 1 male, and they will have several different changes of clothes for different looks. We will also be adding several backgrounds to the pools for color and texture.

All of my underwater pictures were take in my pool with either a disposable underwater camera from Wal-Mart or my Olympus point and shoot. We will be taking turns with the models so everyone get a chance to create something remarkable.

Bring an underwater camera (or two or three if you have disposable ones). Your bathing suit and towel, note pad and pen. You’ll also need a set of goggles or a mask. If you have a weight belt, that would really come in handy. Our pool is salt water and thing tend to float more in salt water.  Sunscreen would also be a good idea. If anybody wants to bring a snorkel or scuba gear that will be just fine, I usually just hold my breath when I’m under water.

Limit 10 photographers.  Fee 99.00

To Register go to